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Do you have a special pooch that has a birthday coming up …look no farther !!! Snag a bag of these birthday biscuits!!!


These are GLUTEN FREE  treats and they are made with oat flour.


Ingredients: oat flour,pumpkin, cinnamon and eggs


  • Benefits of pumpkin for dogs:


Pumpkin is a nutrient-rich food that is low in calories, but packed with essential vitamins and minerals. It is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that can have several health benefits for dogs/pups. These benefits include:


  • Improving digestion
  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Promoting a shiny coat
  • Soothing and aiding a dog’s digestive system
  • Stimulating brain and eye health


  • Benefits of cinnamon for dog:


Improves brain function and cognitive health

Prevents or lowers the risk of diabetes

Fights against bacteria, fungi, and viruses

Reduces inflammation and pain

Promotes heart health and circulation

Pumpkin Doodle Birthday Biscuits ( GLUTEN FREE )

Price Options
One-time purchase
Save 15%
$4.25every year for 2 years
  • Store treats in air tight container or

    Refrigerate/freeze for longest shelf life.

    Can be frozen up to 6 months.

    Please Note : oat flour is hand ground you may see white specks through out treat where oats were not completely ground to a powder. Also we hand roll and cut each treat so there may be a white dusting on the treats from the oat flour when being rolled and cut out to doodle perfection.

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