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Does your dog or puppy have stinky breath ? Then look no farther for the solution, try our Minty Bones. Our Minty Bones are made with mint and coconut oil which offers many benefits for your dog/pup. 


Ingredients: coconut flour, oat flour, eggs, parsley, mint, water and coconut oil


  • Benefits of mint for dogs:


  • Boosting the immune system with vitamins A and C
  • Developing healthy bones, vision, and skin
  • Freshening breath by reducing bacterial, fungal, and viral growth in the mouth
  • Calming a disturbed stomach
  • Helping with digestion


  • Benefits of Coconut Oil :


  • Lauric Acid aides in anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

  • Reduces coughing and helps eliminate hairballs.

Minty bones ( Small bones )

Price Options
One-time purchase
Save 15%
$4.25every 2 weeks for 8 weeks
Save 15%
$4.25every month for 4 months
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